Force 10 Paintball Birmingham


Game Zones

Take a look below at just a taster of some of Force10 Paintball Birmingham’s amazing movie-set paintball game zones featuring big-game installations!!



Hunt your enemy in the jungle and Bamboo village sector. Hunt with stealth and look to overturn your opposing team and shoot the other team out to claim victory…dare you to cross Rambo and be a hero for a day!

    OP : Diamond


Search for the hidden smuggled diamond stash in the rebel compound. Protect the fuel dump from enemy fire and then go and shoot out the enemy command tent. Are you brave enough to risk being taken out before returning to the safety of your base before your time is up?

    Black Hawk


Surface to air missiles have hit the chopper, the pilot is skilled enough to land in dense woodland, unfortunately he brings the chopper down in a rebel ammo dump…
Weave your way skilfully through the unexploded ordnance being careful not to be hit by enemy fire. Whilst securing the chopper you realise the aircraft is carrying a valuable cargo…do you and your team have what it takes to survive and bring your pilot home to safety

    Hanoi Hilton


Lock and load your pistol & take cover over at Hanoi…
A second home for the Rambo inside you. Check in at your leisure, check out under fire…

    Temple of BOOM!


Fighting has been fierce…the security of the ancient Temple of Boom has been secured by the enemy.
Your objective is to fire your way and blast a path leading to the ancient Aztec battle zone..can you reach the temple and capture the sacred golden chalice, before returning to the safe zone? The clock is ticking

    Tomb Stone


Wyatt Earp and his henchmen are causing havoc in the Force 10 Birmingham Wild West town!
Do you and your happy bunch of cowboys have the awesome fire power to over throw Earp and claim your rights to a seat at the best table in town at Force 10 Birmingham Saloon….watch out for “The Undertaker” he may be lurking ready to take some heads and keep his business thriving! Where can he be?



The cold war military vehicle convoy has come under heavy over head enemy fire… blowing out the engines and tyres, also taking out some of your comrades vehicles completely,…are you ready to march your ground force troops to the enemy and shoot your way out of a fiery battle to gain victory and win with honour!! Only the bravest will win this game.

     Border Control


Stop, search and check your weapon… If you were born to sweep and clear, you were born for Borders…a new game format for Force 10 Birmingham.



It has been a difficult task bringing the landing craft to shore.
The troops are ready for action and the landing craft is steadied before the door is dropped to the give access to the enemy, who will be quickest to reach the bunkers and relative safety? Give it your best shot and careful not to be taken out by hostile crossfire from the beaches…
Speed is the key!



The ancient Stargate battle zone was created when a huge asteroid hit the surface.
Play this paintball battle between the huge craters, watch out for the rolling balls of rock & super natural forces!

    C.Q.B. Black Ops


The ultimate adrenaline fuelled “SAS Style” search and rescue game.

Undertake your greatest mission yet in our purpose built mansion house.
Specially designed rooms, corridors and doorways have been built to stimulate and disorientate your senses creating an intense and unique playing facility. Perfect for stag parties and especially suited to corporate groups for team building and works party’s looking to enhance leadership in an exciting atmosphere.
All games are overseen and supervised by Force 10 Birmingham command crew.

Any Questions Call 0121 323 1000