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18th Birthday Celebration at Force 10 Nottingham

Written by on December 18, 2013

18th Birthday Party at Force 10

We recently hosted an 18th birthday celebration and what a ball we had!

The birthday boy came to us and said he was planning on celebrating his birthday with us and that he was bringing along a large group of friends.

Once he had told us what he was hoping to get from the day, we were then able to customise a package to make sure he had a full day event without breaking the bank as he only had £45 per person to spend.

On the day we were all set and ready for the birthday boy’s arrival and was eager to get all the party suited up in full paintball gear (At our Force 10 Nottingham site we provide all under 16’s and ladies of any age with body armour for that little bit of extra protection but chaps don’t worry as we usually have some spare if you require), safety briefed and out paintballing as that was what they had come to do.

As well as providing all the kit and clothing the players needed with the £45 per person budget (just £7.50 per hour) we were able to organise 600 paintball for each player and the catering so the group did not go hungry during their 6 hours of gun fighting.

At Force 10 we like to capture the memories and share them, below is a photograph of half of the party all geared up and ready for action. This picture was prior to the party letting rip on the paintball fields!

full group 18th birthday bash

At Force 10 we are more than happy for groups to make birthday that little bit extra special, on this occasion the birthday boy got away lightly but as you will see from the picture below some are not so lucky as the birthday boy below was kitted out by his mates with a pink tutu, a pink cowboy hat topped off with a princess crown and of course a feather bower.

At some of our Force 10 sites we encourage you to dress up and have fun but safety is a high priority as long as your fancy dress does not obstruct your goggles you’re pretty much good to go. Below is a picture of the birthday boy sporting his gorgeous outfit!

18th birthday



The party took advantage of a wide range of our game zones and said they were fantastic and definitely brought out the competitive side to some members of the team. After the day was done the party thanked us for such an exciting day and for all the planning and organisation we had done prior to the event.

The feedback we received from the birthday boy and all his party was very positive “the day was excellent, a perfect way to celebrate my 18th birthday! Massive thanks to all members of staff especially the marshals who made sure we had a fantastic day! Definitely will be returning very soon!! Thanks Force 10 Nottingham”

If you’re interested in booking a birthday party at one of our venues please find your closest location. Our birthday party packages are perfect for people of any age, all Force 10 sites offer junior birthday packages too so the little warriors can celebrate their special day!

Visit our Force 10 Nottingham site and book your own birthday celebration!