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Paintballing Tips

Written by on November 29, 2013

Fantastic Paintball Tips To Help You Beat Your Opposition

Have you booked a paintball day at one of our venues? Or maybe you’re planning a paintballing day but want a head start so when you do book a paintballing day you’re an expert. In this guide we will share with you our paintballing secrets. These will give you an advantage over your enemy and help you to become victorious! We have taken advice from our marshal’s bear in mind there are they guys that are out on the paintball fields in the action on every game. They are the experts and have provided us with some helpful advice.

Keep Moving: It is vital when in play to keep moving, if you stay positioned in the same spot you are making yourself an easy target for the opposition. You are also making it harder for yourself as it is unlikely you will be able to shoot anyone as you won’t be in range of your enemy. The trick is to learn how to move fast and skilfully, allowing you not to be spotted by your enemy. Don’t be afraid to make a bold movement and advancing in to a vulnerable position this may give your team and advantage.

Communicate with your team: Communication is a fundamental skill when you are in a paintballing match. The idea of the game is to work as a team to bring down your opponent. This can only be done if each team member communicates throughout the game and signals if they are going to make an advance therefore meaning they have the back up and support of their fellow team members.



Be Aware of your surroundings: Being alert is the key to success in a paintball games. You need to be aware of your surroundings and spot vital places where you believe your enemy many be hiding. Spotting opportunities for hiding places is extremely useful, this may give you an indication of where your opponents may be hiding it also give you and your team a place to retreat to should you require it. Planning in your head and constantly forward thinking is extremely important in a paintball game and will definitely give you an advantage.

Learn how to use your equipment: You can have the best strategy in the world but if you can’t implement it due to your lack of paintball gun skills you will never be victorious. Learning how to use a paintball gun properly is vital, it is important to practise with a paintball gun so you are aware of what positions work best for you. You should make sure your practise holding the gun with both hands this way you can establish which hand is best to pull the trigger and which hand will be of support. Read our article on how to use a paintball gun for more advice.

Teamwork: Paintballing is the perfect way to help build relationships as teamwork is crucial. Before them game begins discuss a strategy with your team, a solid strategy will always win against superior numbers or firing numerous amounts of paintballs. Make sure within the game you all work together and communicate sometimes strategies may change so keep looking for signals form your fellow teammates. Don’t be the player who tries to be the hero but fails miserably. Sometimes players have a tendency to run off and do their own thing without thinking of their fellow team mates, this will only make you vulnerable and make it easier for your opposing team to shoot you. 



Aim: You must learn to aim your gun before you get carried away firing out paintballs. If you fire at your enemy but fail to aim they are now already aware you are targeting them this gives them the opportunity to hide or worse still fire back at you. If you aim your gun properly beforehand you could hit them with fewer paintballs and take them straight out leaving them with no opportunity to fire back at you. Another reason why aim is crucial is that you don’t want to be that guy that shoots their own team mate. Take a few moments to prepare, aim and then fire away.

Surprise the enemy: The element of surprise is a fantastic tactic used in paintball. The key is to find a hiding position pop up from that kidding position quickly and fire a few gunshots. This will instantly grab the attention of your enemy and they will then be targeting the area where you shot. In the meantime you will have moved from the previous position in to a new one and distracted the enemy. This give you a perfect opportunity to fire at them

how to aim a paintball gun

We hope these top paintballing tips have been useful. At Force 10 paintball our most important goal is to make sure all players have a fun day paintballing with us. Hopefully these tips have given you a different perspective on paintballing and you will put some of them in to practise on your next paintballing day.

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