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Think you can take on the Predator?

Written by prodosaul on June 19, 2014

Ruthless hunter/warrior with the sole mission of eliminating all in sight, the Predator is not to be taken on lightly.

He will hunt you down and once he’s found you he will eliminate you with no hesitation. However, luckily for you, he does have a weakness. The Predator can only see you if you move. Therefore, if you stay as perfectly still as possible he won’t be able to see you and he will simply pass on by, leaving you unharmed.

However, if you move and he sees you, you better be able to run fast because he will immediately identify you as a threat and will shoot with no remorse.

Armour wise, the Predator is like a souped up Call of Duty Juggernaut. Impenetrable body armour that’s immune to paintballs and laser beams; he cannot be killed no matter how many shots are fired his way. Unfortunately for you, if you do shoot him the aiming circuitry in his helmet will immediately calculate that it was you and will identify your positioning. He will relentlessly return fire until you are eliminated.

Not only is his armour impenetrable, but he’s also armed with seriously badass weapons. Fully automatic LCD Plasma Cannons that have incredible firepower, multiple viewing filters and, of course, unrivalled accuracy. Need we say that the Predator never misses his target?

Just to top it off, the Predator is randomly released during your day, so you won’t know when to expect him. The only warning you will get is two whistle blasts to start the game instead of one, so listen closely or you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise.

So, think you’ve got the balls to take the Predator on?

Find him at Force10 Doncaster