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Paintballing in Croydon

   Enjoy a day of fantastic paintballing at Force 10 Croydon

At Force 10 Croydon we can guarantee you will have an awesome day paintballing. Our enormous paintball field gives you acres of woodland for you to go wild and have fun with your friends. At Force 10 Croydon we have fantastic onsite facilities including carparking, catering facilities, clean toilets and more. We can cater for people of all ages and all abilities, you definitely do not have to be a paintballing pro to enjoy a day at our venue.


   Typical paintballing activities at our Croydon venue:

At Force 10 Croydon we have catered for many events at our paintball fields such as birthday parties, junior days out, stag and hens and corporate days out. We have a fantastic range of challenging game zones perfect for any occasion. When visiting our Croydon venue you can feel at ease as we have a team of fully trained marshals as well as the highest quality paintball gear and equipment. Below we have listed a full range of activities that our customers have enjoyed in the past:

Junior Paintball Croydon  Our junior paintball days Croydon are ideal for entertaining the kids or even school trips. We will make sure the little ones are well looked after and only play with other children of a similar age. Our junior paintball days are fantastic and allow the kids to really let off some energy. We also have junior paintball birthday parties, these are ideal for celebrating that special occasion.

Adult Paintball Croydon Adult paintball Croydon is the perfect opportunity to get all your mates together and enjoy a day of excitement and fun. It is ideal for chilling and unwinding after a hard working week. We definitely do not believe you need a special occasion to come paintballing!

Corporate Paintball Events Croydon Corporate paintball in Croydon is ideal for any size company on any budget as we are able to tailor packages to suit you. Paintballing is the perfect sport to bring a team together, help build relationships and improve communication skills.

Paintball Stag & Hen Parties Croydon If you are planning a hen or stag party look no further than Force 10 Croydon. Our stag and hen parties are awesome we can provide packages to suit all your needs and will ensure the stag/hen make lasting memories they won’t forget.

Sports/ClubsEvent Croydon Paintballing at our Croydon venue will certainly help bring a team together whether you are in a sports clubs or a chess club we have something that will appeal to you. Paintballing is also excellent at boosting motivation and team morale.

Paintball Birthday Parties Croydon Paintballing birthday parties are an awesome way to celebrate your special day. We can organise the entire day and can cater for any group size, allowing you to enjoy the day and have fun with your friends and family.

 Awesome Paintball Game Zones Croydon – At Force 10 Croydon we have a fantastic range of paintball game zones, each has its own unique mission.

If you would like to find out more information or you are interested in making a booking our closets Force 10 venues are:

Force 10 Sidcup – 01634 779624

Force 10 Longfield – 01634 779528

Force 10 Gatwick – 01634 779624