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Junior birthday parties are what we do best at Force 10 Doncaster. Our Award-Winning game zones, highly trained staff, fantastic equipment and facilities, and 100% unblemished safety record makes us the number one choice for parents and children alike.

We have activities suitable for ages 7 years and above – outdoor Laser Tag also known as Laser Combat is ideal for 7, 8 and 9 year olds, and Junior (low-impact) Paintball from 10 years and up. Everyone faces the Predator at some point during the day – a real highlight for the kids! For more information on Laser Tag CLICK HERE.

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Junior (low-impact) Paintball is the best birthday party for kids aged 10+ years. It’s as close to Call of Duty or Battlefields 3 as it gets, and much healthier than sitting in front of an Xbox or Play Station. Using smaller, lighter paintball guns specifically designed for younger players, even the smallest of 10 year olds will be able to join in. These smaller guns fire smaller paintballs that break much easier on impact meaning less bruises and more FUN! In fact .50 calibre balls hit with less than a third the force of regular paintballs – couple this with FULL HEAD PROTECTION GOGGLES, body armour, and highly trained staff, and paintball for children has never been safer!

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Sessions are fully supervised by experienced safety marshals, and instruction and tips on equipment and game tactics are given throughout. Games are well organised and structured with missions set and points up for grabs and there’s a strong emphasis on working as a team, teaching children valuable life skills as they play.

Our staff follow clear safety guidelines and a documented child protection policy ensuring young players are dealt with and spoken to appropriately, and there’s always a fully qualified first-aider on site in case of minor bumps or scrapes.

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Force 10 Paintball Doncaster is a 5 Star Accredited Member of the UK Paintball Sports Federation, and boasts a 100% unblemished safety record!

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