Force 10 Paintball Doncaster

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Game Zones

Air Supremacy

Your mission is to lead a crack team and destroy the enemy’s control tower, taking-out their communications before they can call for reinforcements.

You must locate and eliminate command posts before breaching their front line. The element of surprise is key so take no prisoners and clear the area quickly!


Black Hawk Down

Tactical play and strategy are vital in this mission. One of your choppers is down. Three of the crew have survived but sustained severe injuries. You will have to gain ground fast, secure the area and eliminate the enemy forces.


Ammo Depot

Intelligence suggests enemy forces have located your fuel and ammo stores and are planning an offensive. Your only hope is to deploy a hand picked unit of Special Forces behind enemy lines to infiltrate the ranks and break the chain of command.



Without doubt the fastest moving, most intense game ever played.

Not for the faint hearted. Absolute insanity!


Ewok Village

For 300 years Ewoks have lived harmoniously alongside mankind.

Now a virus named “the Rage” has swept rapidly through the Ewok Village and threatens to spread to the outside world. Your mission is to contain the virus but the Ewoks are highly contagious and have become vicious. With 13 towers, each 53ft tall, linked with a maze of Tree-Top walkways this mission will require careful planning.

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Convoy Attack

A roadside bomb has halted an armored convoy carrying the ambassador.

You must set-up a secure perimeter until air support can extract the ambassador to safety.


M.I.A. Commando Special Ops

Intelligence reports a member of your elite reaction force mission in action has been taken prisoner by enemy forces. Your special ops team will be inserted behind enemy lines to locate the camp, rescue your man and secure the helipad ready for extraction.


Castle Assault

France 1204AD… Richard the Lionheart threatens the newfound peace in Les Andelys. Fueled by power and greed an attack is launched in a bid to control the valley. Will your armies be ready in time to stave off the offensive.


The Predator

The Predator is a hunter/warrior whose sole purpose is to “kill”. Released into games at random, he searches for players and when he sees them, he eliminates them. However, he can only see you if you move – stand perfectly still and he’ll move on without confrontation. Engage the Predator in battle and be prepared to be eliminated from that game.

The Predator’s body armour is impenetrable by paintballs and laser beams, so players are unable to kill him. If he is shot, the aiming circuitry in his helmet immediately identifies who shot at him and pinpoints their exact position. The Predator will return fire until the threat is eliminated.

Armed with fully-automatic LCD Plasma Cannons, the Predator has incredible firepower, unbelievable accuracy, and with his multiple viewing filters, he never misses his target!

Paintballers or Laser Tag players, the Predator takes no prisoners and has never been defeated – Have you got the guts to take him on?

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