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    Paintball for Schools / Laser Tag for schools

More schools choose Force 10 Paintball Doncaster to host paintball and laser tag events for their pupils than any other paintball site. We’re Europe’s largest paintball venue, attracting over 100,000 visitors each year and boast a perfect safety record.

Organising any school outing is no easy task – ensuring the venue is safe, well equipped, well managed, fully insured, and suitable for the children in your care is a potential nightmare.

We have a 100% unblemished safety record, are fully insured, have documented health and safety practices and a comprehensive child protection policy firmly in place. We provide first class safety wear, and there’s always a fully qualified first-aider on site in case of minor bumps or scrapes. In a nutshell – you’re in safe hands with us.

Our reputation speaks for itself, but don’t take our word for it – to read what other schools think, please see out testimonials section.


     Inside tips for the organisers of school groups

Always ensure the paintball site you have in mind:
*Have a 100% unblemished safety record. With well-trained staff following documented safety procedures, a well-managed paintball site should have ABSOLUTELY NO SERIOUS INJURIES.

*Hold full insurance, & follow a comprehensive child protection policy.
Unbelievably, some other paintball operators do not have a child protection policy, and some don’t even have insurance! Be sure to ask for a copy of these documents prior to booking.

*Provides FULL-HEAD GOGGLES that completely cover the top, back and sides of the head. These goggles prevent the head from being hit by paintballs, and eliminate the risk of the goggles slipping down the face – something that has led to serious eye injury at other paintball centres.
Body armour is also standard issue at Force 10 Paintball Doncaster.

*Performs a physical touch-check of the goggles of each player prior to every game, ensuring the chin strap is securely fastened, keeping goggles firmly in place. The chin strap is essential to prevent excited children accidentally lifting their goggles.

*Is UK Paintball Sports Federation 5 STAR FULLY ACCREDITED. Only a handful of paintball venues have earned Full UKPSF accredited status – meeting rigorously high standards in safety, customer service, equipment, staff training, and facilities.

*Absolutely prohibits the lifting or removal of goggles outside the safe base camp area. Our marshals aren’t just there to promote fair play; their primary purpose is to actively enforce our very strict safety rules. It is simply not safe for goggles to be lifted when paintball guns are within range. Laying guns on the ground is not enough, the only way to ensure pupils in our care are completely safe is to keep goggles on at all time outside base camp.


Force 10 Paintball Doncaster is the ONLY paintball site in the UK to comply with all of the above essentials. Little wonder we’ve been voted Britain’s Best Paintball Site – 5 years running! In the words of our MD “I simply wouldn’t allow my children to play paintball anywhere else”.

Paintball games are fun, safe, healthy and engaging for all who play. In fact, it’s statistically safer than football, hockey and golf, and this is reflected in the fact it is exempt from AALA registration – safer still when conducted in expert hands.
It’s also a great leveller as no sporting ability or superior level of fitness is needed. We often find that those less natural at sport do best, as they tend to strategise more and display great leadership skills under pressure. Fully supervised by our experienced safety staff – men, women, boys and girls can participate on an entirely equal footing. The first class equipment provided by Force 10 Paintball Doncaster allows players to lead the battle from the front with confidence. Our full head goggles, body-armour, and padded camo-suits protect against the impact of paintballs, taking the pain out of paintballing.

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    Fun Fun Fun:

For the youngsters it’s all about the fun, we know that. We’ll maintain a safe, controlled environment so they can get on with enjoying the high adrenaline buzz of playing paintball – after all, that’s what it’s all about.

Our award-winning, movie-set themed game zones are carefully designed and built by a specialist team of TV set-builders. We have 13 superb areas including Black Hawk Down with a real Wessex helicopter, Convoy Attack with 42 ex MOD armoured vehicles featured in the Hollywood block-buster ‘Apocalypse Now’, Ewok Village, Saving Private Ryan, and Castle Assault – and don’t forget our 7ft tall Predator!

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