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Stag and Hens

There’s no better way to celebrate your last few days of freedom than to storm an Afghan fort with your crew, guns blazing. Mix in some smoke grenades, rapid-fire paintball machine guns, and maybe a fluffy bunny outfit (don’t ask), and you’re all set for the best hen or stag party ever!

We’re all big kids at heart, and charging around shooting your mates while blowing stuff up certainly renews the bonds of ‘mateship’. The stories of rambo-like attacks and Jackie Chan moves will be repeated for many years to come, and have you crying with laughter. Like the time when Stevo ‘Superman’ Jenkins launched a one man offensive on the downed chopper, only to realise there were 10 of ‘em in there – ouch! Or the time Lee ‘bunnyboy’ Mullen was ambushed by a dozen of his ‘so-called’ mates who chased him all the way back to his burrow while singing “run rabbit run”!

Yep, these things actually happened, and do most weeks at Force 10 Paintball Doncaster – what crazy shenanigans will you get up to at your party?



Silly costumes often set the mood for a great hen or stag party. We’ve seen some big names rampaging through our woodlands; Super Mario Bros, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman to name but a few. We’ve even had a whole group dressed in morph suits. A mankini isn’t really recommended for paintball, but you make the rules, and if that’s what floats your boat, hoorah – let’s do it!!


Special games that put the stag or hen at the centre of proceedings can be easily organised. If we need a pilot to be rescued from our downed Black Hawk chopper – you can guess who it’ll be, and who the co-pilot will be too!

Of course, a stag or hen party doesn’t have to be about full-on paintballing. Laser combat can be just as much fun, and our low impact paintball is a big hit too, especially with hen parties!


We’re sometimes asked to arrange a cheeky little surprise to titivate, humiliate, or terrorise the stag or hen. ‘Police-women/men’, or ‘sergeant spank’ – you get the picture! These completely innocent, but slightly naughty carry-ons always take place in a private area, far away from the eyes of younger players (or those with weaker stomachs). Hilariously funny, ideal material for a best mans speech, and a great photo opportunity too!

Paintballing for stags or hens can be as crazy as you want it to be.

    You name it – we’ll sort it.


Force 10 Paintball Doncaster successfully organise hundreds of stag and hen groups every year and will tailor your event to suit your individual needs. You’ll be looked after throughout the day by our highly trained safety marshals, ensuring your last day of freedom is remembered (and laughed about) for many years.

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