Force 10 Paintball Essex

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Game Zones

    COD Map Bog

A full to scale Call of Duty replica playing area with a real Russian T55 tank, containers, buildings, bus, land-rovers and fuel drums.  The ultimate COD experience.


Experience real life Urban warfare battling around cars, buildings, tractors and through a gigantic hay-barn in this flood-lit epic, all-action, adrenaline fuelled playing zone.


Fast paced speedball field based around a huge crashed helicopter.  Cover, move and shoot around the rows of hay bales in this electric football pitch sized, flood-lit area.

    Tank Convoy

Attack and defend a row of armoured vehicles, use a mounted paintball gun and defend the row of Russian and British armoured vehicles, or attack as a team the row of tank convoy.


Discover a WWII Radar Station hidden in the woods to pinpoint and target enemy forces hiding out in the ruins of a town damaged by bombers.

   Missile Command

A firm favourite packed with features including a  huge cold-war Missile Lorry carrying a nuclear war head, Saracen armoured personnel carrier, Helicopter and sheds galore!

   Bridge Wood:

A huge woodland field with a river running through the centre of the map, and lots of bridges to cross to gain tactical advantage over the opposition.

   Air Assault

A huge WWII anti-aircraft gun and a shot down a plane in the centre of the map, British Abbott tank, pill boxes and dozens of woodchip mounds make this a truly exciting area.

   Beach Landing

Saving Private Ryan beach landing with landing crafts with opening doors, huge crashed troop transporter plane, bomb craters and abandoned army vehicles.

   COD Town

A street scene map in a stand-off scenario, with doorways, windows and corridors make this an intense shoot-’em-up, ideal for the end of the day shoot outs.

   Aeroplane Wood

A 50-seater passenger aeroplane has crash landed in the centre of the map with plane debris scattered across this awesome game zone.

   Psycho Fort

A fast paced woodland field with a purpose built fort to attack and defend, and a huge ridge down one side making this field a snipers dream.

   Barricade City

A woodland area that lives up to its name, barricades are everywhere!  Use teamwork and daring to navigate your way though this jungle like scenario.

   Top Wood

A fantastic woodland map, with thick foliage and WWII bunker ruins that add excitement and mystery to this jungle map.


Inflatable tournament field that gives everyone the opportunity to ‘play like the pros’ and hide behind all different shapes and sizes from coke cans to bricks, a very fast paced field.

    Low Ropes:

Our low ropes course is ideal for corporate customers looking for the ultimate team building day, warm up on our assault course before taking to the paintball fields.

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