Force 10 Paintball Harrogate

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Game Zones

Dense woodland covers our 50 acre site, hosting 10 themed game zones – each one an exciting challenge. Add the extra dimension of waist-high lush undergrowth throughout late Spring, Summer and early Autumn and exercises range from mad fire-fights to sneaky infiltration games requiring stealth and cunning.

There’s a clamour from returning players to take on their favourite amongst our purpose-built game fields. Which one will be your Number One?

The Outpost

A bunker complex of steel sheeting that requires good tactics and plenty of fire both to attack and defend.


Exciting Outpost Game Zone - Force 10 Paintball Harrogate

Black Hawk Down

Beat off insurgents and rescue the crew from a downed helicopter.


Saving Private Ryan

The enemy are raining fire on you from above. You’ve to attack uphill through a maze of barricades before tackling the main bunker emplacement.

Saving Private Ryan Paintball Game - Force 10 Harrogate

A Bridge Too Far

Two bridges cross the stream, you’re on one side of the water and the enemy the other. You’ve to defend your bridge and attack the enemy’s to take their command post. Be ready for a real fire-fight on the bridges!

Bridge Too Far Game Zone - Force 10 Paintball Harrogate

Bridge Too Far - Action Packed Game Zone - Force 10 Paintball Harrogate

Scud base

The enemy are well dug in but you have to attack and knock out the rocket launcher before they can get a missile away.

Scud Base Paintball Game - Force 10 Harrogate

The Maze

Netted barricades mean you can see the enemy but can you shoot them? The first team to gather up the ammo boxes wins.


This complex of steel drums is a riot. Close quarter combat, masses of fire and one hell of a lot of noise from pellets beating against the barricades.

The Village

Clear the native huts defended by the enemy before you take your objective.

Millennium 1 & 2 

Simulating sup-air fields but with rigid barricades these are fast and furious games requiring fitness and accurate fire.

NOTE: not all zones are always in action as we rest, renew and replace game fields, but there’ll always be plenty of excitement where ever you play!

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