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Terms & Conditions

   Force 10 Harrogate



The prices of activities are as set out from time to time by Force 10 Harrogate on the company’s website at – prices may also be displayed in printed literature, such as leaflets, and on noticeboards at the Force 10 Harrogate, however the current prices payable for any activity, which should be checked by the client at the time of booking, are those which appear on the website. Current prices, as displayed on the website, shall be applied at the time of booking and shall apply at the time service is delivered to the customer. Any price variations arising subsequently to those applying at the time of booking shall not apply to the booking in question.

   Value Added Tax

All prices are shown inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. A VAT invoice will be issued on request.

   Bookings and deposits

Bookings remain provisional until a £10 deposit per person has been received. Provisional bookings will be held until 14 days before the event, thereafter Force 10 Harrogate reserves the right to re-allocate spaces without notice.

For Lasertag and T-Ball a £10 deposit per person is required and the balance must be paid at least 7 days prior to the event unless otherwise agreed.

In the event that more clients than the number booked wish to take part in an event, prior notice of at least one day is required at which time Force 10 Harrogate will confirm whether the additional participants can be accommodated. Hence Force 10 Harrogate cannot guarantee to accommodate prospective participants who turn up on the day without notice.


Clients may pay in full before their event day; otherwise clients must pay their balance on arrival at Force 10 Harrogate on the day of their event. Clients wishing to pay on invoice should contact Force 10 Harrogate at least 7 days prior to the event day to make appropriate arrangements.

For Lasertag and T-Ball the balance must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the event day unless otherwise agreed.

   Method of Payment

Deposits and pre-payments in full: payment may be made by debit or credit card (online at or in person or by telephone); in cash or by cheque on site; by cheque through the mail (please do not send cash by mail); or by BACS/CHAPS to Force 10 Harrogate Account number: 27537560 Sort code: 30-93-91. An email confirmation of payment by debit or credit card will be sent if payments are made online, customer copy receipts for card payments by telephone will be held for the customer until the end of the event day. All other payments will be acknowledged by email or SMS.

Payments on the day of the event: payment may be made by debit or credit card, or in cash. In view of the end of the cheque guarantee card system, cheques will only be accepted on the day by prior arrangement with, and at the discretion of, Force 10 Harrogate.

Purchase of additional goods or services on event days: clients purchasing additional goods or services, such as paintballs, pyrotechnics or additional events, during the event day must pay in full for such goods and services at the material time. Force 10 Harrogate does not allow tabs or end of day payments for additional items except by prior arrangement.

   Cancellation and refunds

In the event of a cancellation with more than 14 days’ notice, deposits or full-payments are refundable subject to a £5 per person administration fee; alternatively clients may re-book the event on a later date subject to availability, in which case the administration fee would be waived.

With fewer than 14 days’ notice, deposits are non-refundable since Force 10 Harrogate incurs expenses that cannot be recovered in the event that one or more clients fail to participate in the event. For example, should two participants from a booking of 14 people fail to attend, the deposits in respect of those two people will be forfeit.

With fewer than 14 days’ notice but more than one day’s notice, full payments are refundable less the deposit and a further £5 per person administration fee.

No refund or alternative date will be offered to groups who have paid in full but who fail to attend on the day and who have not given more than 24 hours’ notice of their non-attendance.

In the event that some clients within a group fail to attend on the day of their event having paid in full, the whole of their payment will be forfeit – no refunds will be offered, although for paintball groups, the paintballs that would have been issued to the non-attenders will be issued to the relevant group.

Where a paintballing group has booked through a third party booking agency that has offered a number of free paintballs per participant, those free paintballs will only be issued to those attending. Hence, for example if Force 10 Harrogate has been advised by the agency that 20 players are attending but only 10 participate, the non-attenders’ free paintball will not be issued to those who are participating.

   Cancellation/postponement by Force 10 Harrogate

In the unlikely event that Force 10 Harrogate cancels an event for reasons that are within the company’s control, clients will be offered an alternative date or, should no available date be convenient, a full refund.

There are circumstances beyond Force 10 Harrogate’s control that can result in events being delayed, postponed or cancelled.  For example, for safety and insurance reasons, Force 10 Harrogate is unable to run events at its woodland site during high winds because of the risk from falling branches/trees, which may delay, shorten or terminate an event day. In such circumstances refunds will only be offered when no play/event participation is possible.

If an activity becomes unavailable, Force 10 Harrogate will only offer an alternative activity or a refund of monies paid

   Cancellation or termination arising from inappropriate behaviour

Force 10 Harrogate’s Insurance and Consent Form specifies circumstances in which players may be excluded from participation, before or during events, because of inappropriate behaviours (for example, abusive language towards staff and/or other participants, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, failure to comply with the terms of the Insurance and Consent form).  Exclusion in these circumstances is entirely at the discretion of Force 10 Harrogate and its marshals. In the event of such an exclusion, no refund will be made of deposits or any other payments received by Force 10 Harrogate.

   Theft, Damage & Lost Property

Force 10 Harrogate shall not be liable for any damage to – or theft of or from – property, including vehicles and customer lockers, of customers or anyone accompanying/delivering/collecting customers or visitors. Any lost property that is encountered by Force 10 Harrogate will be retained for three months, after which time it may be disposed of. Force 10 Harrogate accepts no liability for any property left anywhere on its premises by customers/parents/responsible adults or any other non-staff member: Anyone leaving property in whatever circumstances shall be wholly and solely for such property in whatever circumstances.

   Force majeure

Force 10 Harrogate shall not be liable for any refund or compensation arising as a result of conditions beyond its control including, but not limited to Acts of God, Government restrictions, wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the company’s reasonable control. Nor shall Force 10 Harrogate be liable for any failure or delay in performance should said failures or delays be proximately caused by causes beyond the company’s reasonable control and occurring without its fault or negligence, including, without limitation, failure of suppliers, subcontractors, and carriers.


In the event of any claim for compensation arising from a cancellation by Force 10 Harrogate for reasons within the company’s control, the limit of compensation payable shall be the amount paid at the time of cancellation by the affected client or client group for the event that has been the subject of the cancellation.

   Other conditions

All participants must complete and comply with the Activity Insurance and Consent Form which is available on request from Force 10 Harrogate as a hard copy. The requirements of the Activity Insurance and Consent Form also form part of Force 10 Harrogate’s terms and conditions. Adults signing the above forms on behalf of under-16 players are confirming, and taking responsibility for, a true statement of the participant’s age and fitness to take part in their activity/ies.

Booking and/or participating in a Force 10 Harrogate event at Force 10 Harrogate implies acceptance of all the foregoing terms and conditions.