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Junior Paintball

Paintball at Force 10 can be enjoyed by all ages and our junior sessions make for a fun birthday party, family day or school trip. With complete supervision and top notch safety gear you can rest easy in the knowledge your loved ones will be taken care of. We cater to groups of all sizes, so whatever your circumstances we’re confident we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

All players work together with their team to outwit the opposition and secure victory, making the game ideal for groups of family and friends. As well as going away with a memorable experience our junior paintballers also develop useful transferable skills such as problem solving, communication and team work, making this fun day out a valuable learning experience in its own right.


Low Calibre Guns

Junior paintball guns fire smaller calibre paintballs that hit with less than a third of the force of regular paintballs, dramatically reducing the discomfort of impact. These easy-to-use paintball guns are small and lightweight, meaning younger players can enjoy this fast paced and action packed game.

More FUN – less bruises!


Fun, Healthy & Safe!

Force 10 Paintball takes the health and safety of all our customers very seriously. Our superior equipment, rigorous maintenance programme and advanced safety wear means your child can enjoy the thrill of paintball safely. Full body armour, full-head goggles, thick camo coveralls and padded balaclava are all standard issue for junior players.

All Force 10 venues have written safety policies, full liability insurance, and risk assessments that surpass HSE requirements. A comprehensive but easy to understand safety talk is given before games begin, and full tuition and supervision continues throughout the day. Our highly trained staff are experienced at running paintball games with younger players and adjust their manner and approach accordingly.

In a nutshell – your little Rambo’s are in safe hands with us!


Movie Style Game Zones

Everyone wants to feel like a movie star and our juniors love the custom designed game zones that come straight from their favourite Hollywood movies. It adds an extra dimension of fun to the day and fuels the imagination of any budding Bond or Lara Croft!