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Force 10 birthday events are suited to people of all ages, after all many of us are a big kid in an adults body. Our Birthday offerings are ideally suited to our young gun experts from the age of 10 upwards. For more details on our birthday events please visit our pricing page.

All of the Force 10 Paintball sites have many years of experience hosting magnificent and challenging events, including celebrity groups, birthday events, corporate events and Stag & Hen parties offering them a wide variety of challenges and scenarios keeping the action flowing and the smiles beaming. At Force 10 you can be guaranteed that we will treat the group as if it was the Queen herself coming to paintball (you never know).

Force 10 Birthday Paintball Events

Understandably, when other parents kids are involved it is only natural as all parents do to consider the safety aspects of the paintball site. All of the Force 10 sites have a highly trained, first aid qualified member of staff on site at all times along with a number of professional marshals following strict health & safety procedures with up to date equipment and safety practices. All children will be returned safely (albeit a little muddy and covered in paint) to their parents.


A full day of paintball for any child is a special moment but on their birthday surrounded by friends, family and that oh so delicious birthday cake….it’s practically heaven on earth! Whether they reenact movie scenes from their idols or stare down the barrel of their weapon like a Call Of Duty gamer the experience will be unforgettable and the moment they storm a nest of enemies with their mates will form a lifelong bond of friendship.

F10 Main site - Birthday - Replace castle shot

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