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The Riot….Brand new for 2013

Written by site_admin on July 4, 2013

Brand new for 2013 – our new game called “the Riot”

High intensity, adrenaline pumping game, excellent terrain with multiple huts towers and a maze in the center of the zone.. This really is not for the faint hearted!
Both teams are given 2 large riot shields each, and a large yellow barrel.

Primary Objectives

Make your way to the center maze, and put your yellow barrel in the tower right in the center trying to protect yourselves with the riot shields.. If your team mates lose 1, grab it quick, before the opposition does..

Secondary Objectives

Collect as many blue barrels scattered across the zone as possible and get them back to your own base. Can’t find any? Get to your opponents base and nick their ones! Defend the blue barrels you have got..
Warning! This is an ultra high intensity game..

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