Force 10 Paintball Kent


Paintballing in Canterbury

New Game Zone – Major Mayhem!

Check out the brand new game zone for our Canterbury site. Formally known as the “jungle” field, after an extensive face lift, we present out newest scenario – “Major Mayhem”. Completely unique to the Canterbury venue, this promises to live up to it’s name, a real adrenaline kick of a game, ultra high intensity and an absolute blast of a map.

There are 4 different start points and each team will start at 2 of them. Work your way to the centre, where there are 6 blue bases. On each blue base there are 2 flags, one for each team. Take the correct team flag inside the inner ring to the red base.. Warning expect carnage! The winning team will be the team with the most of its own flags on the red base at the end of the game.Tip.. Smoke grenades in abundance will help you not get seen and will be key to winning this game.

     The Barrel Game


Excellent field incorporating a natural valley with a massive bridge spanning the gulley. across the gulley are 5 different coloured barrels and 1 on the bridge – each one worth an amount of points. making your to the bridge and gulley, collect the barrels and take them back to your own base. Protect the barrels in your own base, whilst going to your opponents base and trying to steal their barrels. Key to winning the game is gaining control of the 8 huts set along the winding gulley. This is a really popular field with beautiful terrain.

     Attack and Defend


One team confined to the Village with a series of buildings that needs to be defended against the attacking side. The opposition will be coming from all angles and they will even have a rocket launcher to fire into the village.. stop this at all costs! Defending team will have a mounted double barrelled machine gun located in the high rise tower to help repel the attacking side. This is a real adrenaline pumping, hard action game.
Warning – Not for the faint-hearted!

     The Riot


As its name suggests, very intense game in a very close quartered field. Action from the first whistle! Both teams start with 2 riot shields each.. Work your way into the central maze, where you will need to collect the 3rd shield.. Once in possession of the 3rd shield you must then try and collect your opponents base flag.

     Capture the Flag


Make your way to your opponents base, take the flag from their base and get it back to your own – whilst stopping your opponents from getting your flag. This is the original concept of paintball – first played on kents oldest paintball site 27 years ago – and still one of the best games!



Fancy playing paintball at the next level? Then you’ll love our speedball field. Short, sharp blast of a game – loads of fun. Careful – you will need to move quickly between those barricades to eliminate your opposition.

Look out for our resident paintballer – The Sniper!
Dressed in a full Gilly suit with a long ranged rifle, you won’t know he’s there until its too late! force in numbers normally repel the Sniper, be aware of the frightening accuracy of the rifle.

Extra Paintballs – £20/300, £30/500*

*Customers must purchase a minimum of 300 paintballs each on the day


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