Force 10 Paintball Kent



Our newly renovated fields will now feature the following game zones:

The Fort

Dorking Fort

Small fort with 5 flags 1 on each corner, and 1 in the centre tower. 1 team to defend the fort whilst the other attacks trying to get as many of the 5 flags as possible in the time limit set. A real blast of a game and certainly not for the faint of heart, especially when defending. Feel the hairs bristle on your neck, when you see the first wave of attackers appear in the distance.. Game on.

Game Rules:

1 team defending the fort
1 team attacking the fort

A classic attack & defend style castle, your opponents surround the enemy located in the fort, the defenders are to repel the attackers for 10 minutes.

Bonus points are awarded for attackers who manage to remove any of the 4 flags stationed on each corner of the fort. The more flags removed the higher the bonus points.
The bonus points are reversed if the defenders manage to keep the flags & for any attackers without being shot that manage to make it inside the fort.

The Riot


Brand new for 2013 – our new game called “The Riot”!
High intensity, adrenaline pumping game, excellent terrain with multiple huts towers and a maze in the centre of the zone.. This really is not for the faint hearted!
Both teams are given 2 large riot shields each, and a large yellow barrel. Make your way to the centre maze, and put your yellow barrel in the tower right in the centre trying to protect yourselves with the riot shields.. If your team mates lose 1, grab it quick, before the opposition does.
Secondary objectives – collect as many blue barrels scattered across the zone as possible and get them back to your own base. Can’t find any? Get to your opponents base and nick their ones! Defend the blue barrels you have got. Warning! This is an ultra high intensity game.

Capture The Flag


Make your way to the middle of the Zone, where the double tower is linked by a bridge. Climb inside the tower along to the bridge and collect your teams flag – then come back out of the tower – enemy end! Work your way to your opponents base securing the Huts, Bunkers and Trenches along the way.. Large woodland terrain field.

This game zone also includes the following features:
Double Towers


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