Force 10 Paintball Kent



     Defend the Island

Gatwick - Defend The Island

Played on a stunning field with with 5ft deep natural trenches, make your way to a area which is naturally cut off by a large gulley. There are 3 bridges across the gulley, each with a flag. Grab the flags and get them onto the island, past the huts and barricades to the back tower. Throw grenades and smokes into the mix to add to the carnage. This is a fantastic game and the terrain of this field is really unique… You will not be disappointed!

    The Stockade


Inside the small stockade in the centre of the field, the team must retrieve a large barrel and work it to their opponents base. Each team is given a riot shield to use, and there is another shield just inside the stockade that whoever gets there first can pick up and use as well. fantastic terrain on this field and a very popular game, due to its simplicity.

     Capture the Flag


Played on another natural stunning field. Make your way to your opponents base and take their flag back to your own base whilst defending your own. Dead on half way is a fantastic gulley carving all the way through the field with a bridge spanning it and 2 large towers either side. We can guarantee paintball in its most intense form at this point..

    Deadmans Wood


Bizarrely named area, due to the really eerie feeling when you go in there, and when the site was newly opened, 3 customers running back to the safe zone were certain they’d seen a ghost and refused to back out! We play Team Deathmatch here (what else) where one team has to totally eliminate the other, with the 1st minute as a re-spawn chance.

Other games Include:

Tournament Grade Paintball

Force 10 customers
Entry, equipment, BBQ lunch and refreshments, 100 paintballs -just £5 per person
Extra paintballs £20/300 £30/500*
* each player must purchase a minimum of 300 paintballs on the day
All payments non refundable/transferable


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