Force 10 Paintball Kent


Paintballing in Longfield

  The Grand Fort 


One team is in the Fort defending it against the marauding attackers, who have completely surrounded it and must get into the fort and up to the next floor, to raise the flag and win the game. Feel the adrenaline pumping as wave after wave of attackers are bearing down on the fort.. Can you hold out?

The attacking team has a secondary objective – find the Bazooka and try to blow up the back of the fort.. Warning expect a loud explosion!

  The Village – Domination


Gain control of the buildings and vehicles while stopping your opponents from getting into the village.
Secondary objective – Find an ammo box randomly put into the Village. Open it up and use the contents.

  The Riot


As its name suggests, very intense game in a very close quartered field. Action from the first whistle! Both teams start with 2 riot shields each. Work your way into the central maze, where you will need to collect the 3rd shield. Once in possession of the 3rd shield you must then try and collect your opponents base flag.

  The Bales


One of the most popular games of all time. Team Deathmatch! 15 minute game to try and eliminate all of your opponents. The 1st minute of the game, if you are shot you get the chance to re-spawn.

  The Bridge


1. Capture the flag – go to your opponents base, grab their flag and take it back to your own base. The original and the best!
2. Flag Carry – take your flag to the opponents base – the flag must go across the bridge and come off of it at enemy end before making its way to opponents base. It’s the only permitted route.



Fancy playing paintball at the next level? Then you’ll love our speedball field. Short, sharp blast of a game – loads of fun. Careful – you will need to move quickly between those barricades to eliminate your opposition.

  The Assassin


Look out for The Assassin, the resident paintballer at this site. He can take you out and you wouldn’t even know he’s there. Or he gets in the middle like a one man army.
He has long range rifles, short range and a pistol for up close and personal. Dare you take on our Assassin?
The Assassin – you are NEVER safe!

Upgrade to the fantastic A5 Auto Response marker, capable of up to 10 rounds per second! Please ask for details


   To book this site, we are offering Force 10 customers:

1. Entry, equipment hire, insurance, BBQ lunch and refreshment, 100 paintballs – Just £5 per person!
2. Extra Paintballs on the day are £20/300* or £30/500*
*Each player attending must purchase at least 300 paintballs on the day.

Extra Paintballs – £20/300, £30/500*

*Customers must purchase a minimum of 300 paintballs each on the day

Players failing to attend will forfeit their 100 paintballs. They are under no circumstance transferable to other group members, and all payments made are understandably non-refundable


Nurstead Lane
Longfield Hill
01634 865134