Force 10 Paintball Kent



We have some excellent zones here, including The Fort, The Bridge, The Village, The Stockade, Speedball and Capture the Flag.

     The Bridge


Real high intensity game – on the bridge is a bomb that the terrorists must collect and move into the area guarded by the Special Forces, which comprises of a series of towers and huts and other barricades. Smoke bombs and grenades are exploding all around you as the terrorists have worked their way off the bridge and making their way to the back tower where it must be detonated.. heavy fire power is generated by the Special Forces as they repel the terrorists.

     The Village – Domination


Gain control of the buildings and vehicles while stopping your opponents from getting into the village.
Secondary objective – Find an ammo box randomly put into the Village.. Open it up and use the contents.

     The Fort


Small fort with 5 flags 1 on each corner, and 1 in the centre tower. 1 team to defend the fort whilst the other attacks trying to get as many of the 5 flags as possible in the time limit set. A real blast of a game and certainly not for the faint of heart, especially when defending. Feel the hairs bristle on your neck, when you see the first wave of attackers appear in the distance.. Game on.

     The Stockade


Inside the small stockade in the centre of the field, the team must retrieve a large barrel and work it to their opponents base. Each team is given a riot shield to use, and there is another shield just inside the stockade that whoever gets there first can pick up and use as well. fantastic terrain on this field and a very popular game, due to its simplicity.



Fancy playing paintball at the next level? Then you’ll love our speedball field. Short, sharp blast of a game – loads of fun. Careful – you will need to move quickly between those barricades to eliminate your opposition.

     Capture The Flag


Make your way to your opponents base, take the flag from their base and get it back to your own – whilst stopping your opponents from getting your flag. This is the original concept of paintball – first played on kents oldest paintball site 27 years ago – and still one of the best games!

Look out for our character The Mercenary. Quite honestly the hardest and most brutal of our characters, yet shows compassion if a player points his gun to the floor in his vicinity, he will acknowledge this as a sign of your inferiority! The Mercenary has awesome fire power, 2 machine guns, each capable of 12 rounds per second. We’ve seen people, even teams take him on many times… and none have emerged victorious. Will you be the first?

Extra Paintballs are £20/300 or £30/500*

* Each customer must purchase a minimum of 300 paintballs on the day

Paintballs are non transferable to other members of the group so will lose their 1st 100 if the fail to attand. All payments are understandably non refundable


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