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Paintballing in Leeds

If you’re looking for action packed paintballing in Leeds you have come to the right place!

At Force 10 Paintball Leeds we offer awesome paintball days for almost any occasion. Our expert highly trained staff are on hand throughout the day and provide you with helpful tips for when you’re out on the paintball field. Paintballing in Leeds is perfect for all ages from children to adults, we can cater for all your needs and at Force 10 Leeds we ensure each party receives a memorable fun filled day.


Paintballing Activities in Leeds

At Force 10 Leeds we offer paintball packages to suit everyone. Paintballing is said to be one of the most adrenaline fueled activities you will ever partake in. At Force 10 Leeds we think that means everyone should try paintballing at least once. Below we have highlighted some of the typical events customers will come to our paintball Leeds venue.

Junior Paintball Leeds– Junior paintball is becoming increasingly popular, especially for children’s paintball parties.  We offer fantastic junior paintball parties in Leeds and guarantee a fun, thrilling birthday.

Adult Paintball Leeds– If you have had a hard week in the office or just fancy a fun day out with friend’s adult paintballing in Leeds is a great way to unwind and really is great fun!

Corporate Paintball Events Leeds– Corporate paintball in Leeds is excellent for team building exercises or even to treat your employees to a day out of the office! Paintballing is a unique day and we offer a range of packages to suit any budget.

Paintball Stag & Hen Parties Leeds– At Force 10 Leeds we know your hen/stag party is a crucial part of getting married that’s why we ensure each hen/stag party is special and unique.

Sports/Clubs Event Leeds– From football teams to chess clubs we cater for everyone. Paintballing in Leeds is a great way to bring your team together or even celebrate after a big season.

Paintball Birthday Parties Leeds- Paintball birthday parties are an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! At Force 10 Leeds we can make your day extra special and you can enjoy thrashing your friends on the paintball fields.

 Awesome Paintball Game Zones Leeds At Force 10 Leeds we offer 9 incredible game zones. Each one is exciting and thrilling and challenges you to complete the mission. We even have movie style game zones allowing you to play your favourite characters out on the paintball fields.

At Force 10 Leeds we are a 5 star accredited venue and offer the highest quality paintball equipment and facilities. Our closes Force 10 sites are:

Force 10 Harrogate – 01423 494998

Force 10 Doncaster – 01302 638164

Force 10 North- East – 01642 918972