Force 10 Paintball Stoke On Trent

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Game Zones

Bunker Battle

The sandbags 2
Here we have a series of heavily fortified sandbag bunkers with a huge missile in the centre of no mans land. Your mission is to defuse the bomb with out blowing up you and your team. Nerves of steel are required for this one or BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Vietcong Village

The village
This area is a big favourite with 10 wooden village huts connected by tunnels.  You need good communication within your team to figure out how to win this one.  Remember it’s not the taking part it’s the winning that counts!!

Jungle Maize

Morning mist
This is the thickest part of the entire site so you have to have your ears open and eyes peeled if you don’t want to be surprised.  We have a bomb that needs to be delivered into your opponents base and detonated, but beware this device has a mercury tilt switch and will go off if you don’t keep it level.  Be careful or even better let a friend carry it…..good luck!!

Bridge Over the Swamp

The Bridge
This is a long bridge over Shrek’s ideal home.. The swamp.  You can go round the bridge but there is nothing that will get you adrenalin moving faster than making a dash straight arcoss it.  There is a swamp monster, so some advice for you is, don’t look down!!!!

Fort Apache

tean august 2013 245-cropped

We have a purpose built wild west fort we call apache, for those that enjoyed playing cowboys and Indians as a child welcome to the dream scenario…. Although there won’t be any arrows flying through the air the amount of paintballs will more than make up for it…. John Wayne eat your heart out, this is how the Wild West was won!!

Storm The Castle

Storm-The -Castle-Game-Zone

The castle is positioned at the bottom of the Jurassic valley and offers lots of battlements and turrets from which to defend against the might of the attacking force.  You may feel like the Troops of  Rourkes Drift in Zulu… some advice… don’t wait until you see the whites of their eyes before you start shooting!!!

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