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Mobile Paintball

   You provide the venue….We will provide the rest!

Paintball can be played anywhere, your location, our equipment!  All of your players will be equipped with overalls, a paintball gun, latest goggle system, all equipment and of course paintballs. Once the site has passed our inspection (just to check for dangers), we will give a brief description of how the game is played, a safety briefing and then the ball is in your court – literally!!

We have a lot to offer you here at Force 10 Stoke On Trent, so for your next event why not let us tailor make an event to your requirements. Just give us a call on 01782 450992 and experience the adrenalin at your location!

   Paintball on your doorstep!

Our awesome A-Team will bring their expertise and equipment, including staff to your venue, ensuring that you get a taste of what it is like to play at one of our nationwide paintball centre’s but without any of the travelling. What’s more, if you think that there will be extra work needed by hosting a game on your premises, you would be wrong! We might not be able to clear up every splatter of paint, but our fully-qualified marshals will prepare everything and clear all the equipment away at the end, meaning you can focus all your energy into taking down your friends and family.

   Setting up our mobile paintball arena

There are two ways in which we can customise your mobile Force10 Paintball experience. If you are fortunate enough to own private woodland then the transition is simple, as we can recreate the natural scenarios that occur at our centre’s.

“But I only have a field!” we hear you say. Not a problem. With our inflatable ‘Supair’ portable game zone, we can customise your paintball experience in any environment and many find it just as exhilarating as a fierce battle in the forest. With this set up, it is all about finding the right firing angles and cover whilst tactically out thinking your opponent. This way, no one can hide in the natural surroundings and slow up the game, giving your more time for what everyone wants, intense paintball action.

All the equipment that we use at our award winning Force 10 Stoke On Trent is available, from the paintballs to our semi-automatic Tippmann FT 12 guns. We take safety very seriously, at home and on the road, so players will be geared up in our protective coveralls and high-spec goggle system.

   Need-to-knows about Mobile Paintballing

If you are planning to organise a mobile paintball experience then that’s fantastic news, but please keep these factors in mind:

* Whilst we are more than confident that our paintballing equipment can ensure the safety of the players, we cannot be held responsible for damaging your grass areas in wet weather. Before the event, we will view the premises to make sure that it meets our safety requirements. The paintball arena will be set up with all the necessary precautions that are needed to operate in a safe manner.

* There is no set cost for our mobile paintball service. Prices will vary according to how much paint is ordered, how much equipment is needed, how many players there are and so forth. Individual prices for paint, equipment and hiring marshals will be explained when calling for a quote.

* Setting out a budget will naturally determine how many players can play at one time, as well as the size of the arena that has been prepared.

   Mobile Paintball Target Range

Available for school fetes, children’s parties and county shows.

We can also bring our mobile paintball target range to your venue.

If you like the idea of paintball without the exercise, or maybe you’re holding a kids birthday party or a corporate function that needs an activity where people won’t get dirty. Whatever your reason then Force 10 Stoke On Trent target shooting range is for you. A great alternative to the real game it’s fully portable and can be enjoyed by any age.

There are a variety of targets hung at the end of a shooting range that can challenge even the most confident shooter. You get a predetermined number of paintballs (if your range is set up away from our site) to shoot at the targets and prove how good a shot you are. Competitions can be run or you can just shoot for fun. Willing parents who offer to be moving targets are always a big hit! (mask and goggles are of course provided).

As the range is easily moved, it can be set up at most venues that have some outdoor space. It’s very affordable too, give us a call for details on the cost of target shooting.

A great option is to combine paintball target shooting with laser tag for a full session of fun.

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