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stag-parties-portraitWhether you want a full day, half day, an evening session or just a short experience we have the perfect setting for your “soon to be legendary” stag event. We have been organising awesome and exciting Stag events for over 25 years, so when it falls upon you or someone you know to have the most prestigious honour of sorting out  the great day of activities please….. do not worry. We are here to help and give you all the advice and guidance you require to make this party one that will be talked about for all the right reasons. If you speak to one of our trained staff we can give you ideas and help in organising the event to take some of the load off your shoulders, at the end of the event however you will be the one getting the praise and glory for over exceeding everyone’s expectations of what a stag event should be.

We have lots of special stag games that do include an element of dressing up…and I don’t mean just the combat suits. We have Penguin, Crocodile, Santa, Donald Duck  and even Big Bunny outfits to make you stand out in the crowd. It is optional…. Only in the sense of which one you wear.

We have lots of other activities we can offer for the traditional multi-event experience and we can also sort the accommodation  locally for you in this beautiful part of Staffordshire.



We all know that most ladies do not like to mess up the hair or chip the nail polish but given the chance they really cannot resist rolling around in the trenches with the only make up visible being camouflage. We have also hosted the Chippendale’s at our site and …some say there is still one out there somewhere looking for a home.

The chief bridesmaid or maid of honour has the task of providing the event which will ensure the fun and laughter will go on long after you have left the site. The pain of organising the day can be eased by just talking to one of our trained advisers who will give you all the ideas and tips on how to be the best Hen party person….ever.

If you fancy more than one activity we have lots to choose from and can guide you on what works well for which size of group. Local accommodation can also be found if you want to cut down on the traveling.


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