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Why Choose Force 10?


Force10 is a network of independent, cherry-picked paintball sites unified by a common approach to paintballing.

We KNOW customers are sick of being misled by some companies about the cost, quality and format of paintball.

We KNOW the low safety standards, dodgy kit and poor marshaling at some venues is appalling.

FORCE10 Paintball believes in giving customers the best quality, fun and value-for-money experience in an exciting and safe environment. You’ll find no hidden extras at our sites, just top kit, top quality marshals and a top quality experience. Our superb paintball game zones are top notch too – tanks, armoured trucks, multi-level castles, huge bridges, helicopters and fighter jets can all be found at Force10 Paintball centres. In a nutshell, Force10 Paintball is paintball at its BEST!

    5 Star Fully-Accredited By UK Paintball’s Governing Body

All Force10 centres are accredited by the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF).

To achieve UKPSF accredited status Force10 Paintball centres have to meet rigorously high standards in quality of equipment, facilities, outstanding paintball games, and customer service. Our health & safety policies, written safety procedures, and staff training programmes far surpass HSE requirements. We continuously review customer feedback to ensure the highest level of quality paintball. You’re in safe hands with us!

    Movie Style, Paintball Game Zones

Home to many custom designed combat zones in the UK, Force 10 offer a wide variety of familiar surroundings from the Ewok Village to the Urban war Zone. Each zone brings it’s own challenges and objectives from assaulting an impregnable fortress to storming a highly guarded bunker with your best mates! Maybe you’re playing an assassination game where teamwork, co-operation and stealth will rule the day or re-enacting a scene from your favourite action movie there is always something to keep your trigger finger happy!


     State of the art equipment

Force10 believes its customers deserve the best kit available. We continually reinvest in the latest high quality paintballing equipment. From state-of-the-art paintball guns and quality paintball goggles, to battle-packs and body-armour – nothing but the very best will do for our customers!

    Organisation from the start

Force10 Paintball is a name you can trust; our collective experience as independent operators runs into hundreds of years. We have been hosting corporate events, stag, and birthday parties for decades, with customers coming back year-after-year because their experience was so good! Paintballing is a great way for you and your friends to share the same great drama, adrenaline rush, and above all life-long memories that will bring you all closer together as a unit. Whether you’re a team of workmates, school or sports club, or just a bunch of pals out for a great time together, FORCE10 Paintball guarantees a fantastic day.

From start to finish you’ll have a seamless, top quality experience talked about for years to come.


    Safety Is Our Top Priority

You’re coming paintballing to have a fun-packed day and take home happy memories, not find yourself sitting in A&E with your day ruined. That’s why Force10 Paintball sites make safety their top priority. This begins with our well-maintained equipment, continues with clear and thorough safety briefings, and is topped-off with friendly and safety-conscious marshalling by our highly trained staff.

You may still go home sporting the odd bruise as a ‘battle-scar’, and unavoidable accidents, though very rare, still can happen, but our approach to safety is tried and tested. At every FORCE10 Paintball centre there’s a fully qualified first-aider on hand in case of the odd scrape or bump.

    We listen to you!

We know you want to be cared for and looked after by the industry leader. You want to feel like a priority customer and leave with great memories and even greater bonds of friendship. At FORCE10 Paintball we welcome customer feedback and constantly improve our service in order to maintain our position as industry leader. If a top quality paintballing experience is what you’re looking for, look no further – Force 10 Paintball is the only way to play.