Force 10 Paintball

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Your Day

When you arrive

Your paintballing experience will usually start with a 9:00am check in however please check with each individual site as these times can vary. Once the registration process is complete each player will be issued with all the equipment required for battle! At this stage you can purchase any extra paintballs, smoke grenades, lunch vouchers or any other extras!

At Force 10 Paintball safety is our ultimate priority we have to make sure that each player fully understands the rules & regulations. You will be addressed by one of our trained marshalls and you will have the opportunity to speak to them individually if you are unsure at any point.


When each player has been supplied with all their desired equipment and briefed by the marshals you will be divided into teams, this may be predetermined by the site manager, remember basecamp is for lunch and equipment not battle!

All teams will be equal to ensure that your paintballing experience is one you won’t forget!


When each player is happy that he/she understands the sites rules and has been supplied with equipment then you are ready to go! Players will move into the gun zone, at this point there cannot be any shots fired towards any other player, this area is purely for gun issue and target practice.

Once all players have their goggles secure and aim steady, the battle will begin!


Game Zones will differ across each Force 10 Site.