Force 10 Paintball

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At every Force 10 paintball site there is and always will be a safe informative basecamp. This is the area where you get to try all of your kit, Helmets, Goggles, Gloves etc. Depending on the venue’s itinerary you can look forward to lunch where you can chat with your battle partners! Most of our sites have lockers for all of your valuables so don’t worry about that!

Depending on the venue lunch is supplied (Hot or Cold) whether that is a hearty burger or hot dog! In this area you can speak to any of our Force 10 staff if you have any issues.


We also have our shops if you want to get adventurous you can buy extra paintballs, smoke grenades, body Armour and gloves plus much more!

 A Fun, Exciting Place to Be


Every Force 10 Basecamp area is a comfortable, enjoyable place to be. We find that from a tiring morning of paintball a relaxing environment is just what the doctor ordered! Most of our venues offer hot/cold lunches so you can take that much needed timeout. If you have any issues please speak to our marshals they will be more that happy to help. Whilst you have spare time in Basecamp we suggest you re-stock on any needed equipment.