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Paintball Guns

All Force10 paintball sites use the latest rapid-fire, semi-automatic paintball guns to ensure you have a day packed with fun, not breakdowns! Standard issue guns include Tippmann F12 and 98, and on many sites gun upgrades are offered to make your day that bit more special. Unlimited compressed air refills are included throughout the day to make sure you’ll always be able to plug your buddies!

Paintball Masks

The most important pieces of kit at any paintball centre are the safety goggles. All Force10 sites use UKPSF approved goggles with optically correct, zero-fog lenses. We know how easily a great day paintballing can be ruined by second-rate equipment, that’s why our sites offer thermal goggles that simply don’t steam up.

Paintball Battle Packs

The last thing you want is to run out of paintballs in the heat of battle. All Force10 sites issue ammunition belts or battle packs that enable you to carry at least 400 paintballs during your games, so reloading is quick and easy!

Body Armour

Unlike less well-equipped paintball centres, all Force10 sites offer players protective body armour, so you lead your team into action with confidence – just ask your marshal!

Combat Suit

GI Jane, or SAS wannabe – you’ll look and feel the part in a standard issue, freshly laundered camouflage or black ops combat suit to prevent your clothes from getting dirty (though we do recommend you don’t wear your best designer gear underneath!).


All of our standard guns are lightweight and easy to use. Each and every gun is checked for air pressure to make sure your day is not spoiled by something so crucial.

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