Force 10 Paintball Kent



With 7 different game zones offering a wide range of different games. It has quite simply one of the best fields in the South of England, incorporating a village, land rover trenches and bunkers, as well as a bazooka, line rocket and a massive explosion. It is in all honesty breathtaking and leaves you with the wow factor, guaranteeing you wanting more!

With some of our games including:

 Capture the Flag

A huge field with exceptional natural cover and barricades along with a double dip in the middle of the field.

The teams objective is to get the flag from the centre & take it to the opponents base. Bonus points are awarded to the team that grabs the flag first. If carrying the flag when shot, it’s put to the nearest point where both teams can see it.

 Experience Stealth


A Jungle type field in the deepest part of our site where the undergrowth provides great cover for the encroaching.

Where is the enemy?….When the adrenalin pumps there’s only one things worse then seeing your enemy in front of you – Not Knowing!

This field also plays host to a variety of games.
The Objective – Eliminate all enemies in 10 minutes.



Fancy playing paintball at the next level?
Then you’ll love our speedball field.
Short, sharp blast of a game – loads of fun. Careful – you will need to move quickly between those barricades to eliminate your opposition.

 Attack & Defend


These 20 minute games require a great deal of stamina, determination, skill, courage, pace & cunning.

Your objective is to get to the Land Rover, use the special rifle to shoot the hit pad on the rover on the Rover (Warning Expect a loud Explosion!)
Then get to the Bazooka barricade where the decommissioned Bazooka is aimed at the fuel pump.

 Barrel games


Get your barrel from your base to the opponents base.
Whoever carries the barrel may use it as a shield.

This is a game played in one of the deepest parts of our site, with thick growth aswell as open areas & barricades, natural cover and everything else in between.

 VIP Games


You must get your nominated person to the specified base – It’s location is top secret so it’s only divulged moments before the game starts.

You can’t win the game if your V.I.P gets shot, but if he does, then you’ve got to take out the enemy V.I.P.

The V.I.P is clearly marked so you have to protect him at all times, even if it means standing in front of a barrage of enemy paintballs.

Look out for our Alien Paintballer – the predator. Huge character with exceptional fire power, imposing, intimidating, downright scary. Dare you challenge The Predator? only at Sidcup

Force 10 customers

entry, equipment hire, bbq lunch and refreshment, 100 paintballs – just £9.99 per person

Extra paintballs £20/300, £30/500* 

*each customer must purchase a minimum of 300 paintballs on the day

If a player does not attend the paintballs are forfeit by deposit. All payments are understandably non refundable


Sandy Lane
Ruxley Corner
DA14 5AH
01634 865134